by | June 17, 2015

Framebuilding is in a tenuous spot these days atmo. That’s why it’s important to give back when you can, and nurture the next in line. Otherwise, all of this dies. My trade used to be the top of the industry food pyramid. Framebuilders would say “jump“, and mass-producers said “how high?” Generations of craftsmen innovated, were the laboratories for the racing community, and then all others followed.

Everyone wants to be a niche-ista, but few invest in the time and energy to get proper training. It’s become all too common for folks to take a class, make between four and eleven frames, start a blog, and hang out a sign. This path simply hastens our little civilization’s declination situation.

To quote myself saying my own words again, it’s all about routine, repetition, and relentlessness. You want a piece of the pie? Go work for a pie company and learn about baking inside out and sideways. Don’t expect a working framebuilder to let you into his personal space and give his life lessons away for free. But on the off chance that you do find someone who’ll spend the time and answer your questions, remember to say thanks.