by | May 31, 2015

Here’s a gem. I was already home from a year in London, now living in Connecticut, and working at Witcomb USA. But I still had my third frame from Bill Hurlow on order and being prepared for paint. Data point: WBH 1.0 was from circa 1971, and I ordered the second one immediately after unpacking the first. These two pages show the lengths I went to to decorate the third unit. Mind you, this was back when Harold Wilson was in office, the skinsuit hadn’t yet been invented, and you could actually understand the words being sung on most records. So much has changed huh atmo. Anyway, I remember sketching these colors and panels over and over, and still never feeling confident that I’d like the result. I never knew what Mr. Hurlow thought when he opened my letters, but he answered every single one. I’ll paste them in someday too.
wb 1
wb 2