by | Jul 11, 2015

Framebuilding seems a bit watered down these days. The mediocre work has become ubiquitous.

The industry pyramid I came up in is inverted. The niche was once the high peak from which all innovation and style emanated. Product managers at such places as Illustrious Bicycle Company Inc. would mine ideas and find ways to dumb them down so that “theirs” might have some of the élan that “ours” did, but at price points that consumers would love. This trade once led. Now it leads in adornment only, if that.

Very few people are training for the task. Yet so many are heralded after their seventh frame. Or they self-herald by blogging about the adventure. There’s an underlying tone from folks in their seedling stage suggesting they’re ready to sell what they make. And folks who’ve actually trained for their careers are saying otherwise. Does anyone even practice anymore? It’s all so ass-fucking-backwards.

I have strong opinions about standards related to my profession. I’m asking those who are new, who are on the left hand side of the developmental timeline, who may be self-taught, or perhaps took a class and leaped straight into taking orders – please exercise some due diligence and do more work, do better work, get a job in production for a spell so you can hone a skill or three, or simply take a breath before you hang out a shingle and cash checks.

Or don’t.
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