by | Jul 29, 2015

Long before email, texting, messages via Facebook, and DMs on Twitter there was – um, there was this thing called mail. Here are three images that show what mail looked like. Notice 1) the paper and then, 2) the handwriting and maybe finally, 3) the length to which personal thoughts are conveyed. No acronyms to be found anywhere. No LOL. No ROFL. And definitely no ATMO.

These letters were typical of exchanges I’d have with anyone who wanted to know more about what I did. They were written, sent, and answered in less than two week’s time during August 1981.

For the record, Dawn decided against a commission, but through the years we’ve become friends. She’s an advocate for all the right things, especially in our sport, a life saver, and the best ukulele player ever to come out of the peloton, and I mean from either gender. Dawn refers to herself as HBIC. I may have to look that one up.

I miss some things about the past. I don’t always miss letter writing, but when I find some treasures like these in my bin, I miss it terribly.


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