At Last

by | Mar 6, 2018

Finally I am a bicycle maker again. After five days of channeling John Pawson, and the cast from Queer Eye, and doing my best to be a professional space planner, designer, interior decorator, elegance whisperer, and budding Feng Shui-er, the finishing touches for this over the top level 57cm road frame can be applied. It doesn’t take much to distract me, but Joe’s arrival subsequent wall unit installation last Tuesday really took the phone off the hook. “You want that frame when?” Alas.

Whoever gets the unit in this picture showing a frame with impeccable workmanship and even harder to see with the human eye near-zero level imbalances – that person will be getting one of the good ones. Hey you – thanks for waiting huh.

Seriously, this frame is one I began last Monday for no one at all. I’d been so taxed filling orders and making sure that Client One gets the right seat tube setback and that Client Four’s shade of blue is the same one that Maserati uses, and that Client Zero just gets a frame – any frame at this point will do atmo – so taxed that I decided to make one out of the list and call it a spec frame, or a show frame. or a stock frame. Anything I call it is borderline pejorative at this point. It’s a frame I am making for no one, unless the price is right. Ya’. I’ve turned into that guy.

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