Am Ready

by | Mar 27, 2018

It’s different this year so far. I did my time off the bicycle and was getting itchy but not so itchy that I was ready to start 2018. For someone whose entire life in cycling is inseparable from the sport and pinning on numbers, riding is tied to training. Even when you get back on after a layoff, and body parts have gone soft or atrophied, and you’re heavier than you once were, and it’s too cold to even think about tan lines – even still, each ride is a contributor to that elusive fitness your ego craves.

But I wasn’t ready when I was ready.

So I took a different path.

I’ve been riding in my street clothes. My man clothes. The clothes I work in. And when that time of the day says it’s time, I simply grab my winter jacket (from Uniqlo) and change into my Chucks (low cut, and in a hard to get orange color for those trying to imagine), and find a wool hat and some gloves set aside for snow shoveling, and I go. My rides are all while wearing normal outfits that one might be seen in doing a quick errand. No cleats. No helmet. No kits. No sleek sexy Euro chic affected attitude. Just a dude riding around the neighborhood having a good time. Having a really good time.

I’ve been doing 80-90 minutes a day like this and having a good time. A really good time.

All This By Hand