Atmo Mission Statement

by | Apr 1, 2013

Every bicycle begins with a carefully selected blend of steel tubes: rider and frame-builder working together toward a unity of beauty and functionality. Each frame is built to the customer’s specifications, as well as my high standard of quality. I engineer a custom tube set for each rider based on their height, weight, and riding style. By modifying tubing diameter and layup schedule, stiffness is tailored to provide an excellent ride. I wouldn’t build anything I wouldn’t ride. I build bicycle frames because of the unlimited potential of travel, design, lifestyle, craftsmanship and the view from the handlebars. They are all a result of a love affair with the bicycle as a tool for discovery, a vehicle of efficiency and one of the most elegant machines that man has ever made. My goals in frame building are simple good riding bikes. Bicycles are for riding. Bicycles, to me, represent all that is good and fun and creative in humans. Each tube is hand-selected for the rider and type of bike being made and then hand mitered and fitted for the perfect weld site. I use time-proven, traditional construction methods, but this does not mean these are old world, heavy non-performance oriented bikes. The frames are pinned together (which is a skill no longer used) brazed in a vice and then filed to give you the handmade bicycle. I use silver to bond my lugs and tubes. Silver has a very low melting temperature. When a steel frame is built with silver, the matrix of the steel is left virtually unchanged and its strength unaffected. It is hard to describe the “feeling” of riding a custom, hand-built bike, but there is a difference. The goal is to create a unique bike that makes your pulse race. A visually simple design is often surprisingly difficult to execute. I will take your specific needs and desires and turn them into a ride-able work of art that you will be proud every time you turn the pedals. Every buyer starts out by filling out a comprehensive questionnaire intended give me a general idea of what type of cyclist you are, and uncover any special needs or desires you might have. To create your frameset, I combine the finest modern steel alloy tubing with strong and beautiful lugged joints—producing a stunning, one-of-a-kind frame built just for you. I am the sole builder, so each frame is hand cut and mitered by me. I make each frame with the minimal amount of fixtures. My goal as a builder is simple: it is to deliver an outstanding bicycle that will make you want to get out and ride. I love cyclocross frames for their versatility. Yes, the end product is stunning but the beauty is integral, functional – more than just a shiny head badge. Each frame strikes a balance between weight and stiffness while still keeping that steel ride that is unrivaled. It is my passion to combine traditional methods and materials with a contemporary view towards building bicycles that are above all useful, elegant, and timeless. I am insured and guarantee all of my work so if you are in the market for a custom steel frame I would be glad to build it for you.