Back At It

by | Sep 13, 2017

Day two was better. Hadn’t raced since the natz in January so Saturday was the wake-up call. I woke up. But on Sunday I was more alert. Attentive. Relaxed. Anxiety free. Dan shot this image of me coming into the finish area. It’s a multiple turn and downhill area near to where we were parked. Rochester CX gives good event. Has few peers. The course, the same one both days, seems to have three sections. The middle one is that area across the macadam that contains the off-camber soft dirt, lotta’ roots, trees, and the several chutes that deliver you to run-ups. It’s all bookended by some fast sections of grass and gravel trails. That last part is almost a road race minus the actual pavement. About three minutes of intense climbing, turning, and leaning on Frederick Law Olmsted’s best work. FLO gives good course atmo.