by | Jun 14, 2018

Then there was the time the time that spanned a decade before the internet thing and digital cameras for me at least that time when I’d line up some RS team kits from the past and shoot them all grouped up maybe a roll of 36 Fuji film and have them developed in Old Saybrook and then scissor them down into 2D jersey looking objects and then and then lay all of the results on a large sheet of magnet paper with some heavy duty 3M adhesive transfer material and rub them all down so that it became a permanent bond and then one by one scissored out each graphic sometimes I’d use X-Acto blades too and the net result was a small army of RS Team jersey magnets that were refrigerator bound once the checks cleared. These were labor intensive little mofos but made great holiday gifts too.

We’re talking early to mid 1990s for those keeping score.

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