Build Sheets

by | Sep 7, 2017

I’ve never drawn a frame. Or plotted points and intersections on paper to see where things go, or might end up. No CAD here. No formulas. My work, all of it going back to before I started my brand in 1975, has been done by feel. That’s not to say I haven’t a clue. Only to suggest that the answers are in me. As long as the right questions are asked, I can do this. I know what goes where from doing the work. And doing more of it. Mostly though, it’s from being around the sport. Or as I’m fond of saying, being of the sport. It’s where myths, and bullshit, come to die. If bicycle making is music, my corner is jazz. It’s improvisation. It’s about producing a sound that isn’t scored, it just comes.

All This By Hand