can we talk about lame fitting

by | Jan 7, 2012

Inexperienced and unfit riders + ignorant and unscrupulous fitters = the blind leading the blind.

i am equal parts racer, psychologist, best friend, and worst enemy. the last part because sometimes i need to find a diplomatic way to convince a zealous client that – of the two in the relationship – i know best with regard to what goes where and how to accomplish it atmo.

so, tell me about your relationship with your mother…

how’s this:
sublime happiness is being with 2-15 other folks that ride beautifully, can ride an echelon, a
rotating paceline, can take pulls at a consistent tempo, and that look gorgeous on the bike.
after all, this among many other things, is an aesthetic experience…

there’s nothing wrong with effete elitism. practice makes perfect. E2 card carrying member here…

Is it too much to ask for a fitter who can/will tell me if I’m sitting on the
bike properly? Seems like that’s often a missing piece of the puzzle, no?

be the fitter atmo.
yes, i am serious.

not everything is or can be tidied and packaged for consumption. ride. make notes. what’s hurts? do any parts wear fast or ache? the saw, if it looks good, it prolly is good is more valid here than not. but nothing replaces what and how you feel.