by | Dec 8, 2017

Yesterday the family went for a late lunch at Jimmy’s Italian Restaurant a favorite joint of ours in Asbury Park. It was our way to sit shiva and toast Bobbe. Fried calamari, the table salad, Jimmy’s Special Steak, and all the drinks helped keep us lubed. We knew what loomed in less than twelve hours. It was a dark and light time all at once.

This morning, Deb and I chose to follow the Hearse as it drove north on the Garden State Parkway. I mean really. The car has Bobbe in the back. It’s not exactly DHL delivering a flatscreen television. That’s my mom in there bro’. We left at 9:15AM sharp, the two of us drafting Danny in the XTS Cadillac Armbruster Stageway – one sleek vehicle it.

While waiting at the mortuary, a flock of vultures stood watch. Many, maybe dozens, perched on nearby branches and on rooftops. Did they sense the potential within the walls of Bloomfield Cooper? Inquiring minds want to know.

By 12:15PM and with all having a moment to express something about my beautiful mother, we each took a handful of dirt and added it to the top of Bobbe’s coffin. And of course, the shells from the beach in Belmar were included.

Bobbe Sachs gave me life, led me through it, and then set me free. I’d give anything to have one more lesson, but my teacher is now gone. The rest is up to me. And that is all.