Cover Boy

by | Jun 22, 2020

Michael Furman and Christopher Koch spent a long weekend with me in my workspace. A place no one sees. Because I work alone. It’s what I’m used to.

Michael and his assistant set up the photography. Christopher interviewed me. Then this happened. Almost to the day. Thirty years ago this month.

I’ve lived with this article for three decades. It’s been a calling card. A reference point. I’ve looked at it often. I even wrote about it several times.

It was a thrill to be their subject. Especially so early in my career. So much time has passed. Many things have changed. I’ve changed as well.

Often I’ve wished that time could freeze. To allow the high points to last longer than a month. Maybe forever. Because affirmation can be intoxicating.

I’m still the same Young Turk Christopher writes about. But less young. I’m also more than I was thirty years ago. How much more depends on the day.

I’ve looked at these pages and wished the ink would never dry. I’m ready to let that go. Michael and Christopher gave me a gift that lasted thirty years.

All This By Hand