Crane & Co.

by | May 27, 2018

Part of me goes in another direction. I don’t use a smart phone. I’ve never texted. Don’t know how. I use email for business. It’s a dependable way to communicate and maintain an undeniable order history. If I could, and I can’t – so there – but if I could, all of this would be in writing. The old way. And it’s not really old at all. People have simply put writing aside and are tethered to a device.

In the wake of this but also related, I still send notes. Often they’re less than legible, but they do carry a piece of me in every missive. When I lick the stamp and walk two blocks over to the Post Office, I’ve already committed to the act. I hope that the recipient appreciates this and his day slows a bit.

The images show my new stationery from Crane & Co. I haven’t had personal or business writing paper since the middle 1980s. What you see here was delivered tonight. I’m. Fucking. Plotzing. The project began as an idea of Rich Roat’s nearly a year ago. Now with deepest thanks to John Segal from Crane and Bondé and Andy at House Industries, this is real.

We wanted to find a way to bring back the elegance. Some of it is officially here. The rest is up to me. I feel all Downton Abbey ‘n shit right now.

All This By Hand