Deconstructing Precious

by | Jul 11, 2018

My road unit. Late 1990s. Raced all over on it. But with other wheels. Then left pavement for keeps in 2002. I loved this one to death. And that’s where I took it. And left it. I’m a 12 month a year user. That’s code for abuser. After the season ends and the sores heal, and then you get antsy after 10 days and start riding through fall and winter. That’s me. The care leaves. I just wanna ride. And am happy if the tires hold air and I get at least three gears. Because the riding is why I ride. He was right. It’s not about the bike. Although folks who know me who really know me know me know that bike is a term I avoid. I make bicycles. And ride them until they’re stubs.

I’m not hardwired to do more than I have to. I just ride.

Deconstructing precious.

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