Flowers For Bobbe

by | Apr 19, 2018

I made these from thin slices of Reynolds 531 fork blades surrounding an off-cut from whatever seat stays were available. They’re all brass brazed to make the petals. Then I’d lay in a spoke (probably a Stella or a Robergal) and create the stem. Finally all are brazed to the stand, a scrap that was on my bench. If memory serves, I bent the sides at right angles to create a pedestal look.

This was a gift to my mom in 1973. She had it in our living room in Bayonne for decades. Then when she moved to the Jersey Shore, they found a place in her apartment kitchen. Until November. When she died, many of Bobbe’s things became mine.

I am at a loss for words. Things aren’t a substitute for people. I’d rather my mom were here. But I’m coming to grips with that she isn’t. That she won’t be. Through her possessions, the flowers among them, my mom, her memory, even her scent – these live on. Love is always. That is all.

All This By Hand