It Was A Man

by | Jan 13, 2019

Another week another frame cooked another view of my bench. I’m ready for redemption. Monday come fast. Please. One frame in five days is bare bones because my model needs more to sustain. But every so often I concede to outside forces and say what the absolute fuck. On the other side of the ledger I shipped two bicycles to the Far East, spent my spare time (ha and LOL) staring at my new Sputnik fixture hoping to grasp its idiosyncrasies by osmosis (or simply standing next to it for moments on end), and I sold a mother lode of tchotchkes on my SACHS TOYS page. As Robbie Robertson asks (actually, he opines) after Muddy Waters finishes his set on The Last Waltz, “Wasn’t that a man?” Yeah. It was a man.