by | Mar 4, 2018

I forgot about this guy. Pity the poor Richie-Issimo lug and PegoRichie pipes so elegantly joined and ready to become a bicycle frame. But that was late Monday afternoon before the week went sideways. I’ll nail this order shut by noon Sunday just in time to hear the Not The Jonathan Schwartz Program on WNYC. For the last several days I haven’t done much that isn’t related to my new built-in wall units, the ones with the self-closing doors. They’re stunning. And after so much effort spent obsessing about the design, the arrival and installation, and – the hardest part – what to place on each of the shelves, after so much effort obsessing, I see daylight. I don’t see much sun. But we do have a daylight siting.

I love my studio space. I continue to look at all of it as one big art project. Having rolled through too many decades and maybe a half dozen spaces, this one feels like a keeper. I don’t learn many lessons, and the few I do learn I try to ignore as a way to seem detached and aloof – it comes naturally, though I do work on it – this week’s lesson is this: when the chaos ends, the heart no longer beats.

All This By Hand