Light Break

by | May 2, 2017

Here’s what a picture of a 4 X 5 transparency looks like when one hand (the right one) is on the Nikon and the other (the, er – left hand…) is holding it up to the sky on a windy day. Ray Perkins took the original in his studio back in 1983. I could wait and redo this so it looks better but thought the conditions outside my shop door actually help.

I love this image because when I look at the color, how absolutely wet the paint appears, the angle of the shot, the frame parts shown, and contrast it all with the light breaks or whatever it’s called in photo-speak, I see a tension, a tension that’s indescribably beautiful. I also see myself in the photograph taking the photograph. It’s like Norman Rockwell’s triple self-portrait on The Saturday Evening Post cover. That’s gold, Richie! Gold.