Make It Last All Night

by | Oct 3, 2017

This was my bench last night at 6PM. Uncharacteristically not me. What we in the house here call Walking Entropy. A fucking mess. But I left it that way because it was a long day. Overnight news about the Las Vegas thing. My ever-present anxieties about the team and the all too recent three day weekend from hell – that being the cx team budget equivalent of Black Friday. Except in our case, the algorithm is something like 3/4 of the available sponsorship monies go to the season, and the other 2/3 goes to KMC. I’m over it. That’s the last word. But, and then, news of Tom Petty breaks, and this breaks my heart. Petty wasn’t my favorite of all time, but if I had to select a cat whose ideals and moral compass I aligned with, he’d be on the podium.

There are trying times. These can be trying times if we allow them to be. I’m normally a positive guy more than 100% of the time. But Monday was a tough one for me atmo.

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