Make Scents

by | May 24, 2018

“She traded the north of England for Paris to study under the late perfumer Monique Schlienger in her early 20s, before heading to Grasse, the epicenter of scent, where she spent five years at the prestigious French fragrance manufacturer Robertet.”

The epicenter of scent. That phrase came gift wrapped and delivered to me last Sunday. The NYT had piece on Lyn Harris, a perfumer from Great Britain. Being the elitist I am, I consumed the article. I want to know this person. Her path. To take her experience and commitment and roll it into my own.

The Y2K era doesn’t have a franchise on people looking for a shortcut. But we sure hear much about the undertrained and those who’ll take a course, or download an app, and start writing orders. Folks seem less curious about the materials they touch, or its history. They just wanna grab a tool and start swinging.

I get it. Different times. My admiration goes to those who do full immersion. The intense study. The respect for the long game.

The epicenter. One place. All the information, there to be passed on. But only to those with a hunger. Or who are ready for it. You can’t go around it. Only through it.

We’ll all leave a mark somewhere. Some marks will be easier to see, or last longer, or both. Others won’t.

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