My Leftist Life

by | Mar 8, 2018

I was in Boulder in ’79 working for Shimano. They sent the men’s team to the Red Zinger and I was the head mechanic. We had a day off and me and Gromek – he was the manager – we were at the mall and I stopped at a jewelry store to get a chain for my mezuzah. The sign on the door says “Free ear piercing.” John sees me going in and teases. “Ha you’re gonna get your ear pierced?” I answered ya, kinda’ sorta’ to see his reaction. “I always wanted to get mine pierced“, he says. So we both man up, get stapled, and split the cost of the pair of earrings. And I bought a chain.

Since then I’ve continually tossed more metal into my left lobe. I may have lost a couple. But I’ve made up for it too. Until this morning, I couldn’t tell you how many hoops dangled. Now I can. Inventory taken. One hole. This many rings. All performing at once. Film at six. Too much information atmo.