My Way

by | Apr 30, 2018

This is one of mine. I have two identical units. One is at JB’s waiting for the 2018 RSCX colors. When it’s done, I’ll do the switch and get this one hosed. I wanted to show it my way. This is a great way to display a bicycle so others can study it. No wall. Or wheel holder. Or ground. My method allows me to work on it too. No Park Stand needed. Old school.

I never got the memo on taking a shot of your bicycle lying on the road in front of you (meaning me). I guess it’s a generational thing. Maybe it’s meant to evoke a feeling of the adventure ahead. The road calls, and I answer. Better yet, the gravel road calls and I answer with a gravel road bicycle made with all the features that make it gravel road worthy. Whatever. They. Are.

I just like to ride. And after a few months back, riding becomes training. On certain days at least. Being that it’s April, I wanna keep the training mindset at bay because I won’t pin on a number for another four months.

All This By Hand