New Things

by | Apr 8, 2017

Working full time is again a pleasure; the studio is inviting, well lit, and has good bones. Of all the stops I’ve made, this is the first one that began with a sheet of white paper. Nothing on it but a fantasy. The fantasy has become real.

Each day at work I look at the sequences and even the tools, and wonder what should be part of 2017 and beyond, and what I’ll relegate to some past I’ll find when I look at back in a decade. After four months at the bench I find myself deconstructing more and more.

This fixture, as an example. One of the few devices I’ve added to the mix in over fifteen years. I’m so all about process that I often drown in my own myopia. You get to a point when you can’t see past what you’ve been doing day in and day out for like forever. The tool arrived Monday and I’ve spent three, no – four days just looking at it, playing with its built in options, and feeling better about what I do simply by dint of it being here.

Some four forks in less than two days have delivered me to place where I’m rethinking everything I’ve done since Y2K. If a thing can give you pleasure, I am pleasured. And need a cigarette.