by | Jan 18, 2019

Arrange Disorder™

This is what an object of desire looks like when it’s being made. Intermediate work. I have one full day in this commission. The main triangle is assembled. The top of the front wheel holder is done. The blade-y things will be made tomorrow. The rear wheel connectors (not shown) are brazed but not decorated (that’s code for hand-filed). It takes a lot of small steps to walk from here to there. Normally it’s a 3.721 day process. I round it up to four. Any longer and I’m in the red. And guys like me don’t like to be in the red. And when we are, we post more heavily about the branded goods available on the site. That way, the architecture is more likely to stay shored up for another block of time. And why I have that sign above the door reminding me daily: What would Martha Stewart do?

These are all trade secrets. And lifelong ones at that. So don’t share them.

And then I wonder how I made three units a week back in the day, and still raced full time. There’s a movie in there somewhere. A two chapter book, at least.

All This By Hand