On Track

by | Jun 17, 2018

Alas. Saturday at 5:15. That makes 16 hours on the bicycle since last Thursday. Soon I’ll be talking to my 30″ 16.5oz Tellason Sheffields once more. The path began in late January with almost 8 weeks of riding in man clothes. By March I grabbed the kits. Since then I’ve been focused on pedaling and cadence with little regard paid to strength. Strength just happens. The groove I wanna live in is coming back. The tan lines. Suppleness. Lithe. There’s this thing that happens when you spend time at the endorphinage. I have a room there with my name over the door. And I moved back in. We all have different parts to play, Matthew, and we should all be allowed to play them.

Make arrogance great again.

All This By Hand