Original T

by | Mar 5, 2018

It’s 2018? Well then we’re looking at 30 years since this tee shirt was new. It’s new now, as in never worn or even tried on for size. I found this in Bobbe’s belongings when we were disassembling her life and apartment. My mom saved this from the first ever batch printed in the late 1980s.

I’ve written extensively about the three words. Des Horsfield’s DVD about my work uses it as a title. They’ve become my touchstone. My creed. A belief system. A sentiment I cling to when I can’t wrap my head (or hands) around anything more real. It keeps me real. And has for three decades.

I could tell the story again, about when I first heard the words muttered. And about expectations. And confidences. And of WPKN where the sound originated. About how over time I’ve taken ownership of the phrase. Some day I’ll roll back the years and recount the first moments the words came from the booth in Bridgeport and into my veins in Chester. But for now, enjoy the original graphic.

All This By Hand