RSCX Figurines


Lifesize (if you’re an ant) and beyond realistic interpretations of who we (RSCX) are for five months of the year.



Rowley Haverly (Rovelo CC by trade) from Southampton in England made these figurines for me. They are his interpretation of the RSCX livery and team. Each is unique. Every rider, kit, bicycle, and all logos are painted by Rowley’s own left hand. Some riders have long sleeves on while others don’t. Several are wearing helmets. Many are courting danger and wear caps only. A few look like they rode through a bit of mud. Somehow the others avoided the slop. This small army is equally split between male and female. After inspection and the obligatory photo ops, the figurines were gingerly wrapped and sealed in specially selected boxes for safe transport. All orders will be random. We’ll have no idea what I ship or what you receive until the seals are broken.

More vanity shots here.
More work in progress shots here.
Rowley Haverly’s Instagram page is here.