Silca Richard Sachs HX-ONE Tool Kit


The iconic collection of necessary keys and handles from Silca.
Available with ATMO™ engravings.



Several years ago, Silca introduced their boxed set of essential tools for home and travel and, almost immediately. I began sending these to clients, friends, and sponsors of my racing team. Each box interior was inscribed to the recipient. Joshua Poertner wrote and said that:

The folks at Silca are inspired and humbled to see your appreciation for this product such that you would select it as a gift for personal friends and longtime customers. The idea that you’re willing to trust our product to carry your name gave us the confidence to take it to the next level and buy a large laser engraver which we now use to add a new level of personalization to the tool kit.

Now available in the ATMO™ edition.

HX-One includes:

  • fully CNC machined Beechwood box
  • S2 steel hex keys 2mm-10mm
  • Red polymer coating for superior grip on hex keys
  • Custom S2 steel bit adaptor to standard 1/4″ bit
  • 10 S2 steel bits found in every cycling workshop

If inscription is desired, please ask.