Red Lighted

by | Jun 11, 2018

Five and a half hours. That’s how long I rode today. Felt great. Was in good company. Stopped briefly for a double espresso. But really five point five hours. My longest ride before this is the one I do daily. My 110 minute ride. I’m a creature of habit. No matter when I start and it’s normally after 1PM I do the same loop. Oh yeah some days I’ll put the ‘cross tubulars on and go to the secret circuit. But the 110 minute thing is my daily constitution.

I’ve always had a “loop”. I add the air quotes because over the seasons the loops change. This one, the 110 minute loop, is one I started in early February when I was still riding in my man clothes.

But I’m in the middle of a by-invitation-only ride for several days ride and the 110 minute loop gave way to a grander one mapped out by our host. It was delicious. A bit of everything, but no real climbs in the classic sense. Lots of shoreline roads east of the river. Over to New London (and back). I dunno the mileage, and don’t care. My rides are always measured in time on the bicycle. Five and a half hours. It would have been ten fewer minutes but there was one long light that stayed red, almost in defiance. But I waited. Both of us did.

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