Sachs In The ‘80s

by | Apr 20, 2018

If you stand around long enough maybe you get a clearer lens to look through. We all have a past. A history. But what to do with it? I’m not one who dwells much because my energy is always on the next one, not the last one. I can’t wait to finish whatever’s at my bench so I can figure out how to redeem myself for it as soon as the next pile of materials is grabbed. It’s an obsession. Part of the routine.

Then sometimes, especially as the seasons pass, I’m reminded of how many years there were. All behind me now. What’s left? A metric shitload of time, I sure hope. Because I have ideas, and variations on a theme I wanna try, and I still want that redemption for everything I’ve ever done. Ever made. And then something bitch slaps me into reality.

A client pinged me with a pic of his bicycle, and his wife’s bicycle too. The message included, “My wife and I were out on a ride and stopped for a bite. While I was waiting for my food I noticed that we had put our bikes up against a wall in such a way that the view inspired me, made me feel wonderfully pleased that I have been so fortunate to have such a wonderful mount and that she shares the appreciation of hers as I do.”

I remembered his name, and where the frames were sent. I was all dealer-only back then. I asked some questions via email. Just to refresh my personal memory card. These two are from the mid to late 1980s. Sold through Wheelsmith in Palo Alto. Can I get a major league shout out for the Hjertbergs?!! Ric and Jon, please take a bow. And all your staff from those days too. Thank you.

These are two 30 some odd year old RS bicycles still in continuous use by the original clients. The owner added that the two units have been across Ireland, through the great Cols of France in the Jura, Alps and Pyrenees, Germany, Spain, the UK and many places in the US including all the great passes of the Sierra Nevada and a few in the Rockies. That’s. Fucking. Cool.

Maybe redemption is overrated.

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