by | Apr 15, 2013

This morning I received this lovely note from Belgium. It was sent by Nicolas Noblet. I’ve pasted in a Vimeo at the bottom so his name and work can reach a wider audience.

Sometimes I wonder why I share what I do and allow others so much access into my world. This is why. I look forward to the day that Nicolas and I share that beer mentioned below. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this story.


Dear Richard,

The story start with this picture of you looking the bike, shooting by the fotographer.

richards on velo bicycle culture and design

At this moment I do not know nothing about you and framebuilding. Then I started to think “Is the guy builded the bike ?? no !” and then “what the guy thinking about at this precise moment about what he had do ?”

Then I’m gone visit your web site, then velocipede forum, then french forum like veloartisanal, then going to the Bristol bespoked show, starting brazing tubes, go to see the job in Italy, share technics with framebuilders, buying Jig, suface plate, good files, good tools, building frame no1, then 2, then more, making bike for family, friends…

Today it’s my full time job and it’s fully your fault !

I want to thanks you Richard for your state of mind, the spirit you are putting in the job, the time you take to help beginner like me.

I try to do the job has best has I can, every days challenge me and always help other if I can for discover the job.

Many thanks again.

Nicolas Noblet

PS : When you come to visit pego, please come have a beer.