Shell Game

by | Jul 27, 2017

This is a bottom bracket shell carved and filed to match a set of RS Newvex frame lugs I’m using on the next commission. I designed the three parts in 2004 and never finished the series with a forth casting. So every time I grab some Newvex, a set of PegoRichie, and a torch, few as these times may be, I do this. I don’t like having to do this. But I like doing this.

A Newvex-y shell to mirror the artsy elements of the lugs above them. Labor and sweat equity indeed. And some craft-y use of an afternoon. And some summoning up of life-long skills developed before the internet, the e-thing, or acronyms.

This kind of work was once commonplace. I’m glad I came up in eras that preceded the downfall of making things by hand. Because what I know I learned when that was the only way work got done.

All This By Hand