by | Mar 3, 2018

This is bicycle making too. I spent the last 36 hours considering my new built-ins. See previous IG post. Joe added some wall units to mirror the one I commissioned in late fall. That one is against the back wall and would be maybe 3 times the size of what we see here. This is the east wall of the studio, by the front door. As with the other work, I wanted a consistent system to reflect a simple but elegant aesthetic, and one that wouldn’t contrast with the space as it exists thus far. These cabinets have self-closing doors; I never knew such a thing existed until the first commission was installed. For both of these, I still have find some nice pulls. I’ve been opening them up using a paper towel wrapped around my forefinger. Hey – no jokes, okay.

I like my new storage system. When I find a way, I’ll take a panoramic view that takes in both installations in the same image. Joe’s work is flawless to my eye, or at least to my expectations. What is shown here for shelf content will be, like everything in the studio as well as my life, a moving target. For now it’s a mix of RS cast parts, merchandise, and ephemera. Next month it might be filled to the brim with my new lines of silk neckwear and a scent made under license. Very Jil Sander according to my opinion.

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