The Goal

by | May 28, 2018

Leave it on the lawn. In the backyard. Yesterday was my longest ride of the year (so far). 110 minutes. I thought I could eek out a two hour day but found myself so preciously close to home and couldn’t see pedaling circles just to round things up.

I’ve never been a miles guy. Always by time. And cadence and some knowledge of the gears. Never rode with a device. No Avocet. Or Stewart Warner. Ever. No Strava. I don’t even do group rides. But you know that.

For 2018 it’s gonna be a slow burn right up until August when I’ll add intensity to the mix. For the moment it’s all about, it’s just about minutes and pedal strokes and getting my summer body back. The goal as always is to end up with a pair of cheekbones and some skinny legs. And tan lines.

All This By Hand