The Key Is Attitude

by | Sep 6, 2020

Here’s to the days when you (I) do a three hour ride in two hours. The tīmz when you (I) don’t have all the time you want but – gosh darnit – you’re (I’m) gonna show the road who’s boss even if you (I) end up leaving it all on the road.

Today was one of these. Clocks tick. Obligations pile. You’re (I’m) needed somewhere at a time when you’d (I’d) rather be pedaling. So you (I) ramp it up a bit. Maybe keep the cadence the same and drop the chain down. And see it done.

There are more ways to get in a good ride than Carter’s has pills. (Look it up.) The key is attitude. I was born with one, so it’s easy for me. But (so) if you you’re looking at life and thinking it’s getting in the way, step right over it and get on the bicycle.

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