The Man

by | Apr 13, 2019

For every bicycle I ship out – that’d be 100% of my output because I’ve never had a local business or walk in trade – payments come to my post office box about a month later. Some 20 years ago I adapted an open account policy; folks wait forever, and when the unit is done I ship it. Maybe a week or four after that, I mail a statement. Then I get paid. Some consider that supreme trust. It’s a courtesy extended to clients who, years beforehand, mailed me an order form and $200 deposit. They waited for me. I’ll wait for them.

Getting paid is a delight. I’d be lying if I said I don’t love the money. Regardless of how much I need or don’t need the cash at a given time, no amount of training or experience prepares me for what else may be in the envelope. I mean, heck – I know I’m the man. But some people go to extremes to reinforce that very fact. And they say affirmation is dead. I love my job.

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