The Mosey Ride™

by | Jul 13, 2018

TLD (The Lovely Deb) says a change is as good as a rest, or something like that. So The Mosey Ride™ went on the road this week. We took the rolling stock offshore and spent three days on island. And Deb’s idea paid dividends. We had a superb time keeping ourselves sunned and well enough fed so we’d be sated but never full. You don’t want to be or feel full ever, especially in high summer.

We wanted a break from our Deep River routine. Each day of the three was spent pedaling for at least four hours cumulatively. We did some exploring in the mazes of trails available, took decent walks along empty beaches, and we got ourselves just wet enough and often enough to stay cool. But we never actually swam.

We don’t typically do The Mosey Ride™ back to back to back. It turned out to be a good way to drift inside and leave everything but ourselves behind. We cherish the alone time. The lack of crowds. The bicycles help bridge gaps between us and after the first minute or three we speak the same language again. That’s the goal, a goal, on The Mosey Ride™. To bring two friends, two lovers, even closer.

Three days. Some space. And each other. We didn’t travel very far, but we did go deep.

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