The Mosey Ride™

by | Jul 29, 2018

These together moments we have, TLD and I, the ones that happen on two wheels – there’s no playbook for them. No boxes to check. No agenda. There’s nothing that has to be accomplished for The Mosey Ride™ to be one. We make a time. Saddle up. And turn left out of the driveway. Some days we cover more ground than others.

Today we just needed a break from the working routine. So after a trip to the farmer’s market and then time to watch the last stage, we rode. And within moments I had a sense that we weren’t in sync. That we were mailing it in. At the 20 minute mark I pulled into a Land Trust area over in Ivoryton hoping to break the spell and maybe hit the day’s reset button.

When you’re in a partnership that works, you know why it does and when it doesn’t. This is how it happens here. One of us slips into a solemn mood, says little, and emotes even less. Then the other one (er that would be The Lovely Deb) starts asking questions, the right ones, and then the words start coming out. We’re talking. And it only takes a few words for it to become a conversation.

The Mosey Ride™ is a conversation too because we speak a body language on and off the bicycles. Sometimes kitting up and leaving our street is all it takes to open the windows in these small rooms we stay in for too long. We didn’t ride that far today but we covered a lot of ground.

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