Thing Is

by | Apr 25, 2020

Another fours hours on this. I moved the levers (both of them) lower on the handlebars by some 18mm. But the tops felt weird. So I increased the tilt a bit more and that was okay. But something was begging for something. I wanted my hands higher. I took the last 5mm spacer from under the stem cap and added it to the stack. Rock ‘n roll. I’m close. There’s still doubt. Maybe later this week I’ll swap stems – again.

Thing is. I haven’t ridden anything except my CX unit since the early aughts. It’s been my main ride before this one for 10-12 years and my body is used to what it’s used to full stop. Different gears. Different component shapes. Not unlike a bathrobe or a pair of slippers. And now this thing. I’m close. I’ll remain openminded. And keep futzing. And I will. The next change after whatever I do next will be rubber. I miss tubulars.