by | Nov 1, 2019

TW3. That was the week that was. Does anyone even remember that one. Doesn’t matter. I do. Between hustling three units for @phillybikeexpo and shipping another one to Milano for the Cento 100 at @columbus_official‘s gala fete fest next month. And making the aforementioned frame and front wheel holder that I’m tossing in the booth to show what’s beneath the wet paint before it’s applied. The past seven days were long on Myocalms every night somewhere in the 2AM region. But I survived. Deb (a true trooper a TRUE trooper) gave me the space to get myself into persona mode for the weekend. We drove the rental van to Philly. And holed our own selves up in a not host hotel at what are decidedly white collar worker day rates. The booth backdrop arrives at 11AM and load in starts at noon. The motherlode of furnishings from @designwithinreach should be here soon after. Then it’s all on us to decorate the 10′ X 30′ space so we can play pretend. I have one of my cherished Zegna ties for Saturday as well as a full ensemble from the @Rapha Mechanics Collection, a new line they launched this month. Be there. Aloha.

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