by | Jan 7, 2019

TW3 does anyone know what that even means anymore?

It’s 5PM on Saturday. I knocked out two units (these includes the forks too atmo) since last Sunday and have the bench top images to prove it. I thought I’d be more tired but it all came easily enough. I dunno what I’m motivated for (or about) but at least I can shove these frames in a box and place them en route (That’s French for on the way) to JB’s in SoCal for some color.

I love the concept of completion. Of closure. There’s not enough of it in my life right now. I need to change a few things. I’m not talking diet here. Or exercise routines. Or the way I wear my hair. This is about what happens within the clean (antiseptic-y clean) walls of my studio space. It’s about what happens in the larger room I live in too.

All This By Hand