by | Feb 5, 2018

I’m on a bit of a tear. This is my third frame since last Monday. PegoRichie. Richie-Issimo. Piccoli Gioielli. House Rules. Special sauce. Two pickles. Side of coleslaw. Typical RS recipe. Better yet, I learned how to load multiple images on IG. This is DR57. It’s going to be a nice 56cm road bicycle with level top tube, normal design elements from end to end, and probably – based on recent history – some kinda’ red paint. These are some early process shots.

In other news, I started the rest of my life last week. That’s the kind of story normally buried beneath the fold. But what’s private these days? I’ve had a tumultuous autumn, preceded by some eight tumultuous years of their own. So I made a pact with myself in January that on the 28th, I’d walk across the threshold. It’s no small coincidence that it would have been Bobbe’s 89th birthday. Or it was the day we drove home from Rich’s memorial in Wilmington. Thing is, I was ready to move ahead and take my love for all of it, for all of them, and for TLD and our little Buddy, and for my work, and for our new routine in Deep River – I was ready to, well – I was just ready. So here I am.

All This By Hand