Uplifting Effort

by | Sep 1, 2019

Dave Geissert winning the Tour of Martha’s Vineyard Pro-Am Road Race in 1987. It’s on the shoulders of riders like Dave and his CYBC/RS teammates that I stand. Since 1982 these squads have been my lab rats, my test pilots, my pals. For life in so many instances. Dave and I still line up together at ‘cross races.

What I know and feel about rider position, morphological needs, center of gravity, where the wheels should be, how a bicycle should turn at a certain speed – all of this and more – can be traced to my liaisons in the sport. These connections still exist, though the pavement gave way to CX in the middle 1990s. As Soichiro Honda so eloquently stated it, “Racing improves the breed.”

All This By Hand