Why Love Matters

by | Jan 25, 2018

It’s important to love your work, to love what you make. To love the ones that go sideways and the others that come close but fall short but get invoiced regardless. To love it all. It’s a leaping off point for others to join you. So they can love it. If nothing else, it’s a chance for them to understand the struggle, easy as it may seem from the shop window. There’s no way to overcome it. The lines move weekly. Sometimes they move before the metal cools. Thing is, you have to accept it. What’s served up. The craftsman thing. The control thing. These will only take you so far. The answer. An answer. Find intimacy between you and the material. It’s nothing but a pile of stuff until you pick it up. Before that vision you have for it becomes closer to real once you grab some tools. But even when the material talks back to you, nod in agreement – and keep going forward despite all of it. The work comes from you alone. Love it. And love it more. And then let others love it.

All This By Hand