A Nice Day

by | Oct 17, 2013

That’s exactly what I’ll be having. I’ve been hitting it hard since late spring and look forward to some face time with myself. This weekend has the only free two days I’ll have away from the racing circuit until the season ends and my plan for the last few weeks was to enjoy it immensely. And I will.

We spend a lot of time on the road all fall. Most events are between two and six hours from home. My time with the Dans and BrittLee is precious, and I can’t wait to resume the party in Rochester. But this weekend is all mine.

A day away from racing gifts me the chance to sleep in, and have a breakfast and a half. This afternoon, I’ll visit TLD; she’s working at the annual art show in town. Maybe I’ll snack from my own pantry rather than from a food vendor. Later, I’ll hop on the trainer and do some intervals. And then my plan includes a Smuttynose, some Trader Joe’s Ridge Cut (Salt & Pepper, yum…) potato chips, and a nice dinner at home. We’ve become fans of Lark Rise to Candleford. I’m up for two episodes rather than the one we usually watch on weeknights. Nice, huh.

Today is all about the domestication situation. It’ll give me great pleasure cleaning the fallen leaves from the gutters. I’ll rake the property (tomorrow, too…), clean the studio, and also toss out a mother lode of garbage. That last part has the potential to bring the most joy. The dump here is opened on Saturdays – when we’re away. Only my BFFs on the ‘cross circuit know the lengths I go to find places all over the northeast for my household trash. Life at the top, and all that…

Make bicycles, race bicycles. I can’t imagine any other routine than my own, nor are there any that I’d borrow from. No days pass that I’m not aware of how lucky I am to have this life. And even luckier to be able to take two days away from it and stay home.

I’m really looking forward to two nice days Rochester next weekend. I miss the Dans and BrittLee.


a nice day