Ahead Of The Curve

by | Jan 24, 2019

My first RS. Me atop. It took four years of making bicycles for others before I was on one of my own. Mix of NR and SR parts. Cinelli. Nisi rims. D’Allesandro tubulars. Regina drivetrain. Silca Impero pump painted to match.

I’m wearing a mélange (that’s a French word) of kit from my days in London. Some Lutz. Gibbsport. Campitello (a Belgian brand). Detto shoes. And those cleats that get nailed on once you decide where the cleats go and then nail them on. No helmet.

Style is important. It’s always been at the top of my list of things needin’ attention. Cycling has fashion AND style. The former is for the little people. I’m inclined to channel a higher calling.

Look at the photograph closely and you’ll see the curve, I try to keep it behind me and to the left. That much has remained a constant since Day One.

All This By Hand