Did I Write That

by | Jan 16, 2022

in searching for some details on an old frame, i found the page in the composition book that contained the serial number. by a process of deduction, i matched it with some orders at the top of the page shown here. the edges might be torn away but the specs, such as they are, remain. the composition books (there are now about seven of them atmo) travel from shop to shop, sometimes act as coasters for lunch, have their pages turned with greased stained fingertips, and also serve as a source of entertainment. every frame also has an order form on which contains even more info than the lines of these pages. at one time, especially at the front end, i thought it would be cool, and necessary, and charming to archive my working life. often lately i don’t feel the same attachment to know everything about every job i ever completed. those knuckleheads who make the tibetan sand paintings have the right idea. but i digress. i love the liner notes showing all the colors and even the editorializing; light rose metallic, white pearl. salmon/burgundy, queer paint, orchard metallic, powder blue…

queer paint??

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