by | Feb 25, 2020

Last week I made five of these. Then it became four. This bad boy was so perfect until it wasn’t. While doing the last 180 file strokes to bring the wall from 1.2mm to .89mm I noticed a small inclusion. Of space. A void in the fork crown no longer than a millimeter. No wider than a scratch made by, say – an X-Acto blade. A striation. There’s no real word for what I saw. But I DID see it. And things were otherwise so perfectly perfect I thought maybe I could look away. But I couldn’t.

It’s times like these that test wills. I could fail the test and keep my fingers crossed for the rest of time. Or OR I could destroy the fork and sleep a wee bit better. Guess which choice I made.

It took all the upper body strength I had to show the 100mm OLD who I was. And why I was here. I thought the unit would collapse at 200mm. But I kept tugging. And it kept getting wider. Nothing up top moved, sheared, tore, or complained. So who really knows if that scratch in the casting would have loomed large in a year, or in a decade. This is why they pay me the big bucks according to my opinion.