Framebuilder’s Mind

by | Nov 9, 2014

1) A new day. The next order. A chance to start fresh. And to get closer. Maybe to
get it right. Yeah – a chance to get it right from end to end. To finally get it right.

2) The material is laid out. Flux is the right consistency. Torch tips are clean. The
files are sharp. I am sharp. Look at paperwork. Read over some 47 emails from the
client. Assume an attitude of infallibility and detachment. Begin working.

3) Design is simple, but not easy. But it’s easy for me. My racing and years in the
sport inform my decisions. I know what goes where, and why. I just can’t explain
it. And I don’t have to.

4) I’m e-RICHIE. I get it. My shit should be dialed after all these years. It’s dialed.

5) Set the fixtures. Cut metal. Check, double check, and re-check interference fits.
Perfect. It’s Go-Baby time. This is my art. It’s why they pay me the big bucks atmo.
Repeat to self for some self-assurance: I’m e-RICHIE.

6) Hmm that went well. My brazing is absolute puss. That’s code for perfect.

7) Wait. There’s a 1mm twist in the head tube measured over a 1 meter virtual
center. Fuck it. Take score. Process one, processor zero. These gaffes add soul.
They add humanity. And this one adds a 1mm twist over a 1 meter dotted line.

8) Main triangle done. Rear assembly added. Wheel now sits .5mm closer to
one side. I’ll file up the offending dropout slot. Show the frame who’s boss.

9) Fork jigged. Fork brazed. Fork checked. Fork hand-filed. Man_I_am_good.

10) Serial number accidentally banged in askew. Shit. It will look stupid. Fuck it.
It’s a handmade bicycle frame that now has extra humanity. Note to self: add an
Imperfection Is Perfection DVD to client’s parcel when bicycle is delivered.

11) Dang. The cat wanted to use this on gravel and a 25mm is the largest tire that
will fit. I need to pay more attention. I’ll tell him I always use 25mm tires on gravel.

12) I can’t believe folks wait in line for this.

13) I can’t believe people pay me for this.

14) I hope know the next one will be better.

15) I can’t believe folks wait in line and pay me for this.

me 4 (2)
Photo Credit  : : NICK CZERULA